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Jet Noise Advocacy Groups

Monterey Bay Area and San Francisco Bay Area communities have organized to tackle jet noise. Please visit these sites to learn more about the efforts of these dedicated groups of citizens. Contributors include current and former pilots, business owners, residents, and community advocates. Each group approaches advocacy in their own way, but we are all working towards a similar goal. 

A coalition of citizen groups representing eight cities in the SF Mid-Peninsula region (East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Ladera, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Woodside) who are concerned about the dramatic increase in aircraft noise over our cities and towns since March 2015.

Palo Alto is disproportionately affected. This community is under the convergence of 3 approach routes into SFO. The City of Palo Alto has not had a voice in regional noise abatement issues. 

DAVYJ Facts and Fiction Blog

Alastair Fyfe's blog about the proposed DAVYJ flight path designed by residents under SERFR who want their flight path shifted to Santa Cruz, the San Lorenzo Valley, Summit Skyline and communities north towards SFO. Lots of FAA data and information here. 

Mid Pen DAVYJ Facts Blog

Mid Peninsula blog on the damaging impact DAVYJ would have on those communities. 

A group of Los Altos Hills homeowners who are concerned about the dramatic increase in aircraft noise over their town since March 2015. As a result of the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) implementation of the NextGen air traffic control system, noise and pollution have increased above historical levels. 

Los Altos residents who object to the dramatic increase in aircraft noise over their formerly quiet town. As of March 4, 2015, the FAA implemented NextGen, an aviation modernization program that immediately concentrated flights in a narrow corridor over Los Altos and Los Altos Hills. Living under a flight path is harmful to our health, our children’s learning, and our property values. 

This Oakland based group campaigns to address the FAA NextGen airplane routes and increased jet noise over the East Bay. Read the San Jose Mercury News article about their efforts. 

We are a group of Belmont homeowners who are concerned about the dramatic increase in aircraft noise over our town since March 2015. 

We are a group of homeowners in the town of Woodside who are concerned about the increase of aircraft noise and want to preserve the tranquil rural character of our town, our quality of life, and our health.
We are scientists, artists, engineers, physicians, entrepreneurs, business owners, attorneys, high-tech executives, Stanford faculty, and more.

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