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New Flight Path over the San Lorenzo Valley Rejected 


What Happened? 

In 2015 a flight path called SERFR was implemented over Happy Valley and Los Gatos towards SFO as part of the FAA's NextGen air traffic management system. NextGen concentrates hundreds of daily flight routes into a low, loud, concentrated corridor.

Residents under SERFR organized as Quiet Skies NorCal (QSNC) and Save Our Skies Santa Cruz (SOSSC), and attempted to design a new flight path (you read that right) over a legacy ground track called BSR or BIG SUR in order to rid themselves of jet noise. 

This new path, referred to temporarily as the BSR Overlay, would have brought negative impacts to Santa Cruz, Bonny Doon, San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley, and communities north to SFO. 

On July 20 and 21, 2021 the FAA presented a workshop where they announced that the proposed new BSR path did not meet safety criteria. The SERFR path would continue as published. 


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no_bsr (1).png

SLV Bonny Doon Impact

Santa Cruz Scotts Valley

Quick Action

Contact the FAA and thank them for putting a halt to a flight path that did not meet safety criteria:

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