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Impact of Proposed BSR Flight Path on San Lorenzo Valley

Image credit: Monterey Bay Unified Air Pollution Control District

The San Lorenzo Valley (SLV) in Santa Cruz County, California is home to over 35,000 people. Home to millions of Sequoia sempervirens, or redwood trees, the valley includes several historic towns throughout the San Lorenzo River Watershed. SLV is rural and wooded with neighborhoods, schools, shopping areas, and state parks. At its northern end, it abuts Big Basin Redwoods State Park and Castle Rock State Park; toward the southern end is Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.

FAA image of BIGSUR BSR flight path impact

Yellow line to the right is SERFR. Yellow line on the left with heatmap is the proposed DAVYJ flight path. The path runs up the eastern half of the San Lorenzo Valley. 51% of flights vector off the path to the west (so that Air Traffic Control can sequence planes landing at SFO). The path itself + vectoring encompass the ENTIRE San Lorenzo Valley. Also, see the impact to our friends in the City of Santa Cruz, UCSC, Bonny Doon, Pasatiempo, and west Scotts Valley. lley. 

Image credit: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

51% of flights are vectored to the west on the BIGSUR (BSR) path. The FAA image above shows that the concentrated noise corridor and its vectored flights would encompass the entire San Lorenzo Valley, Santa Cruz, Bonny Doon, Skyline summit area, Los Altos Hills, and other communities on its route to SFO. 

BSR, BSUR, BIGSUR  Overlay Flight Path 

Image credit: Alastair Fyfe DAVYJ Blog

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