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Did FAA/SLV Agree to Flight Path 30 Years Ago?

DAVYJ flight path advocates (residents under SERFR) say:

"30 (or 35, or 40) years ago the FAA held public meetings with SLV residents who agreed to an SFO flight path over their homes."

Or from Dec 6 Santa Cruz Sentinel comments:

"The history is that, around 1980, the FAA and citizen groups got together to pick the Big Sur route...."


Never happened. Active San Lorenzo Valley groups from those eras including The Valley Women's Club of San Lorenzo Valley and San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce participated in the town plan public meetings and assert that there were no meetings with Federal Aviation Administration officials and no agreement to "pick the Big Sur route" or any other flight route. It's silly that we'd even have to respond to this.

Felton Town Plan

Ben Lomond Town Plan

Boulder Creek Town Plan

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