Quiet Skies NorCal / Save Our Skies Santa Cruz say that the proposed path does not fly over SLV or B

Image source FAA

False! The new proposed NextGen flight path, called DAVYJ by Quiet Skies NorCal, enters the coast at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, over downtown Santa Cruz, Pasatiempo, west Scotts Valley, east San Lorenzo Valley, over the summit, then north towards SFO (also dramatically impacting Los Altos Hills, Stanford, Palo Alto, Menlo Park). 180+ airplanes per day. This is in addition to other flight paths already overhead.

51% of flights are vectored to the west. Vectoring pulls these airplanes off the main corridor in a very loud manner due to braking and leveling, thrust and flaps. These 90+ airplanes per day will overfly west Santa Cruz, UCSC, Bonny Doon, central and western San Lorenzo Valley, the summit and numerous communities further north and west.

Image source: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

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