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Forest Road


Business   Phone

Banke Performance 335-1422

Barbara Hanson, Long-Term Care Insurance 335-4949

Barnes Photographics 336-9823

Baxter Landscaping 338-0263

Bell Hallow 336-5926

Bella's Cafe 217-5070

Ben Lomond Dam Park 454-7900

Ben Lomond Dental Care - Oana I. Carnu, DDS 336-2271

Ben Lomond Fire Department 336-5495

Ben Lomond Gas, Shell 336-5020

Ben Lomond Library 336-8798

Ben Lomond Liquors 336-2530

Ben Lomond Market 336-3900

Ben Lomond Park Hall 246-6374

Ben Lomond Post Office 800-275-8777

Beneath The Redwoods Mobile Veterinary Service 335-3985

Bev's Portraits and Fine Art 335-0425

Bibaja Landscape Automation 335-1840

Big Basin Redwoods State Park 338-8860

Big Basin Vineyards 621-8028

Big Basin Water Company & Sanitation 338-2933

Big Foot Discovery Museum 335-4478

Bill & Sons Firewood 338-9503

Bill Franzosa, Realtor 335-8400

Bill Mcrae Trucking 338-3728

Black Horse Construction 609-6058

Blackbrook Associates 336-5757

Blackbrook Property Management 246-1946

BladeDancer Coaching and Consulting 335-1191

Boffy Insurance Agency 239-4990

Bonny Doon Environmental Systems 335-3666

Boulder Creek American Gas 338-2678

Boulder Creek Antiques & Arts 338-0600

Boulder Creek Bouncy 247-3264

Boulder Creek Business Association 239-8895

Boulder Creek Community Church 338-3700

Boulder Creek Dental Office 338-2131

Boulder Creek Drug Store 338-2144

Boulder Creek Elementary 338-6413

Boulder Creek Fire Protection District 338-7222

Boulder Creek Golf 338-2111

Boulder Creek Hardware 610-8187

Boulder Creek Heating & AC 338-3047

Boulder Creek Jazzercise 338-9716

Boulder Creek Library 420-5319

Boulder Creek Liquors 338-6448

Boulder Creek Pizza & Pub 338-2141

Boulder Creek Post Office 800-275-8777

Boulder Creek Recreation and Park District 338-4144 

Boulder Creek Scout Reservation 338-3636

Boulder Creek United Methodist Church 338-6232

Boulder Creek Veterinary Clinic & Pet Supply 338-7205

Bowzer Baths 338-0717

Boy Scouts Of America Pacific Skyline Co 338-2990

Boynton Fence Co 336-4451

Brass Key Locksmith 438-4904

Bray Investment Realty 338-4390

Briscoe Construction & Design 338-7129

Brookdale Cafe and Grill 609-6126

Brookdale Post Office 800-275-8777

Broomhilda's Cleaning Service 338-3082

Brown Bag Catering 335-8347

Bruce Nyberg Contractor 335-5535

Brumbaugh Granite & Marble 336-2922

BRW Construction, Inc 335-2606

Bryan Chambers, Realtor 359-3575

Bryer Smith's Landscaping 332-2357

Bucci Sunglasses 336-1900

Bug! Realty Advantage 706-8419

Business With Pleasure 430-9711

Butler S M Registered Environmental Professional 338-0249

From the Publishers

Mary Andersen and Julie Horner

The 2024 San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory is in the works. We continue to take pride in preserving this publication and supporting local SLV businesses. Thanks to all the advertisers who are helping to make this upcoming edition happen. We wish all businesses prosperity today, and in all the years to come. If you have any questions about your listing, contact us.


The longevity of the directory makes it valuable and gives the book its recognition. Our sponsor partners this year are the San Lorenzo Valley Post and the San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce


Please note, we are not to be confused with the newer directory published by Scotts Valley entities. 

San Lorenzo Valley residents recognize the ORIGINAL SLV Business Directory, and value it both online and in print. 

There are over 1000 businesses in the San Lorenzo Valley, many are home-based and tucked in the woods or digital based. Please contact SLVBD if you have a business, and would like to be listed.

Regardless of the economic climate in the San Lorenzo Valley, it’s always the right time to advertise.


Advertisers can now sign up for the 2024 season. Download the price list on our Advertise page, call us. Your business can be on its way to increasing its visibility and revenue in just a few minutes.

Promoting your business is the only way to stay visible. Local people want local services, from names they recognize. Advertising in the San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory builds name recognition for your business. SLVBD is the perfect venue to showcase your business to local residents.

Get noticed in the San Lorenzo Valley and attract local customers. Advertise your business, sign up today! 

Remember, shop locally and support your local businesses.

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