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Forest Road


S Miller Paving    335-5400
S. E. Electric    239-6635
Safeway    335-3532
Sally's Galley    662-8255
San Lorenzo Lumber    335-4423
San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory    227-6829
San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce    345-2084
San Lorenzo Valley Elementary    335-4475
San Lorenzo Valley High School    335-4425
San Lorenzo Valley Housekeeping    704-2144
San Lorenzo Valley Martial Arts    704-7924
San Lorenzo Valley Middle School    335-4452
San Lorenzo Valley Museum    338-8382
San Lorenzo Valley Painting    750-4135
San Lorenzo Valley Water District    338-2153    338-5113
Sandra Wiley, Wool and Wire Artist
Local Artist Specializing in Wool & Wire
Santa Cruz Armory    706-7374
Santa Cruz Baseball Training    295-2990
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk    423-5590
Santa Cruz Coastal Charters    419-0093
Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab    425-9500
Santa Cruz County Plumbing    477-7603
Santa Cruz County SCORE    621-3735
Santa Cruz Icon    336-2653
Santa Cruz Mountain Bulletin    278-1613
Santa Cruz Mountain Health Center    427-3500
Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyards    426-6209
Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center    336-3513
Santa Cruz Non-Force Chiropractors    458-1940
Santa Cruz Pony, Colt, Palomino Baseball Leagues    252-1821
Santa Cruz Post Office    800-275-8777
Santa Cruz Redwoods RV Resort    335-8312
Santa Cruz Reiki Works    336-8073
Santa Cruz Sawdust    427-1179
Santa Cruz SPCA    465-5000
Santa Cruz Tree Service    336-8969
Saso Paving    566-5438
Satellite Telework Center    222-2100
Scarborough Lumber    338-6467
Scarborough Lumber Ben Lomond    336-5142
Schaaf Construction    336-8438
Schwarzbach Associates Inc.
SCM Clothing    247-1080
SCM Custom Cleaning    222-0402
Scoma Woodworks    246-2026
Scopazzi's Restaurant & Lounge    338-6441
Scott Co One World Production    338-3544
Scott Green Property Maintenance    408-353-2867
Scotts Valley Library    420-5369
Scotts Valley Senior Center    438-8666
Scotts Valley Sprinkler    438-6450
Scotts Valley Transmissions & Auto Care    438-0402
Sea Bird Adventures    335-4812
Seedlings    402-3978
Seeds Of Knowledge Preschool    251-5711
Sekkel & Associates    335-2357
Selah Ministries Inc    336-2694
Senior Citizens Org of SLV    336-8900
Senior Network Home Help and Respite Registry    462-0880
Senior Network Services Information And Referral    462-1433
Senior Shared Housing    462-6788
Sequoia Villa Cabins & Mobile Home Park    338-6586
Sew Rose    336-1233
SewFresh831    331-7748
Shamrock Electric    338-0159
Sharon Fleming Law Office    336-5920
Sheila Baptist Designs    338-6357
Sheriff-Coroner's Office Boulder Creek Service Center    454-7444
Sherry Carlsen Property Transformers    335-5767
Shimmering Wolf Studios    335-8002
Silvas Mobile Glass    335-0990
Simple Business Systems Inc.    336-2958
Simple Soccer Summer Camps    335-4445
SkyHouse Bed and Breakfast    588-0836
Skylark Realty, Sandra S. Prather    335-1615
Slawinski Auction Company    335-9000
SLV Caregivers Support Group    335-4949
SLV Firewood & Removal    359-2522
SLV Foundation for Education    818-0630
SLV High School and Community Swimming Pool    335-9877
SLV Homeschool Charter    335-0932
SLV Mobile Tool    566-5710
SLV Quest Program    336-8220
SLV Rain Gutters    345-3490
SLV Redemption/Recycling Center    335-1728
SLV Senior Center    336-8900
SLV Sheriff Service Center    461-7409
SLV Swim Center    336-3455
SLV Technology    454-6334
SLV Unified Schools District Office    336-5194
SLVCORE    818-2674    704-6397
Small Business Development Center - Santa Cruz County    479-6136
Smartbooks Bookkeeping    338-0221
Smiling Grille Auto Repair    706-5698
Smith's Hardwood Floors    336-8935
Soaring Eagle Eyes    334-4040
Softqual Inc.    338-4587
Solid Construction    408-828-8303
Solution Technology    336-6000
SOS Yard & Home Services    427-0318
South Street Centre    338-2540
Soy Vay Enterprise Inc    335-3824
Spa Santangelo    335-8335
Spanky's    336-8949
Spectrum Systems    335-9361
Spiral 8 Music    704-7401
Spirit Softworks    809-0992
Springygirl    704-2994
SS Peter & Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church    336-2228
St. Andrew's Episcopal    336-5994
St. John's Church    335-4657
St. Lawrence Academy    335-0328
St. Lawrence Orthodox Christian Church    335-0300
St. Michael's Church    338-6112
Stagnaro Strategic Marketing    408-354-5145
Stallings Electric    335-2407
State Farm Insurance    335-8442
Staub Forestry & Environmental Consulting    335-1452
Sterling Driving School    600-7392
Steve A. Edmonds, New York Life Insurance Company Licensed Agent    246-4630
Steve Abrams Piano and Flute Lessons    336-2060
Steve Concannon Fire Prevention, High Weed Mowing, Weedwhacking    335-5251
Steve Donato Guitar Lessons    336-9457
Steve Maurer Landscape    338-4698
Stratiquest    336-0441
Strouse Group Real Estate,The    338-6481
Stu Phillips Builder    335-2772
Studio Zayante    687-9094
Stump King    336-2118
Sundance Creative Inc    338-6639
Sunderland Tree Service    338-2197
Sundram Services    338-4238
Superior Tax Service    338-2222
Surf City Media Group    222-0077
Surf City Pool & Spa    438-0882
SurfNet Communications    439-7873
Susan R. Splain, Psychotherapy    336-5437
Susie Stelle, Realtor    818-4902
Sustainable Development & Planning    334-2383
Sutter Maternity & Surgery Ctr    477-2200
Suzanne Hood, Realtor    566-6252
Suzuki Piano School    338-6932
Swag, The Eclectic Collective    295-9191
Sweet Light Studios    415-409-9389
Swell Explorations    824-4381
Swish International, Inc.    338-4647

From the Publishers

Mary Andersen and Julie Horner

The 2024 San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory is in the works. We continue to take pride in preserving this publication and supporting local SLV businesses. Thanks to all the advertisers who are helping to make this upcoming edition happen. We wish all businesses prosperity today, and in all the years to come. If you have any questions about your listing, contact us.


The longevity of the directory makes it valuable and gives the book its recognition. Our sponsor partners this year are the San Lorenzo Valley Post and the San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce


Please note, we are not to be confused with the newer directory published by Scotts Valley entities. 

San Lorenzo Valley residents recognize the ORIGINAL SLV Business Directory, and value it both online and in print. 

There are over 1000 businesses in the San Lorenzo Valley, many are home-based and tucked in the woods or digital based. Please contact SLVBD if you have a business, and would like to be listed.

Regardless of the economic climate in the San Lorenzo Valley, it’s always the right time to advertise.


Advertisers can now sign up for the 2024 season. Download the price list on our Advertise page, call us. Your business can be on its way to increasing its visibility and revenue in just a few minutes.

Promoting your business is the only way to stay visible. Local people want local services, from names they recognize. Advertising in the San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory builds name recognition for your business. SLVBD is the perfect venue to showcase your business to local residents.

Get noticed in the San Lorenzo Valley and attract local customers. Advertise your business, sign up today! 

Remember, shop locally and support your local businesses.

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