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Forest Road


Fairview Manor Bed and Breakfast Inn    336-3355
Fall Creek Homeschool    336-8527
Farmers Insurance    335-3486
Farmor Painting    336-5934
Felton Bible Church    335-3418
Felton Business Association    612-9103
Felton Chevron    335-4320
Felton Community Acupuncture    335-9690
Felton Community Hall    335-5621
Felton Covered Bridge Park    454-7900
Felton Dental Center    335-5324
Felton Donuts & Pastries    335-2121
Felton Fair Liquors    335-2646
Felton Farms Soap Co    335-7174
Felton Feed & Pet Supply    335-1212
Felton Fire Department    335-4422
Felton Grooming    335-2874
Felton Library    427-7708
Felton Library Friends    335-1135
Felton Liquors    335-7811
Felton Mercantile    600-5529
Felton Music Hall    335-2800
Felton Nails    335-5464
Felton Nutrition    335-5633
Felton Paint and Hardware    335-4838
Felton Pharmacy    335-4461
Felton Post Office    800-275-8777
Felton Presbyterian Church    335-6900
Felton Veterinary Hospital    335-3466
Fern River Resort    335-4412
Fika Bakeshop Ben Lomond    562-761-0697
Financial West Group - Mark Rosenberg    439-9910
Fine Designs by Coco    336-1119
Fire Prevention, High Weed Mowing    335-5251
First Baptist Church Of SLV    335-4457
Flying B Ranch    335-7001
For The Love Of Skin    609-6249
Forever Amber's Hair Salon    335-1084
Foster Construction and Development    588-2055
Fosters Freeze    338-3022
Four Point Marketing    335-2932
Frey Landscaping    335-9200
Frolic Dog Canine Massage    703-4387
Fruit Tree Pruning & Gardening    335-5251
Full Scale Construction Consulting    345-6244

From the Publishers

Mary Andersen and Julie Horner

The 2024 San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory is in the works. We continue to take pride in preserving this publication and supporting local SLV businesses. Thanks to all the advertisers who are helping to make this upcoming edition happen. We wish all businesses prosperity today, and in all the years to come. If you have any questions about your listing, contact us.


The longevity of the directory makes it valuable and gives the book its recognition. Our sponsor partners this year are the San Lorenzo Valley Post and the San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce


Please note, we are not to be confused with the newer directory published by Scotts Valley entities. 

San Lorenzo Valley residents recognize the ORIGINAL SLV Business Directory, and value it both online and in print. 

There are over 1000 businesses in the San Lorenzo Valley, many are home-based and tucked in the woods or digital based. Please contact SLVBD if you have a business, and would like to be listed.

Regardless of the economic climate in the San Lorenzo Valley, it’s always the right time to advertise.


Advertisers can now sign up for the 2024 season. Download the price list on our Advertise page, call us. Your business can be on its way to increasing its visibility and revenue in just a few minutes.

Promoting your business is the only way to stay visible. Local people want local services, from names they recognize. Advertising in the San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory builds name recognition for your business. SLVBD is the perfect venue to showcase your business to local residents.

Get noticed in the San Lorenzo Valley and attract local customers. Advertise your business, sign up today! 

Remember, shop locally and support your local businesses.

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