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Forest Road

Business Services

Administrative and Office Support
Satellite Telework Center    222-2100
San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory    227-6829
Stagnaro Strategic Marketing    408-354-5145
Peck Videography    336-5000
Scott Co One World Production    338-3544
Action Plan Marketing    338-7790
Andersen Media & Communications    335-6500
Butler S M Registrd Profsnl    338-0249
California Sign Group    336-8745
Community Frontiers    338-4284
Craig S. Harwood, Consulting Engineering Geologist    336-8145
Design Offices of Keith Milne    335-3800
J Coffis Consulting    336-8812
Jamieson Consulting    338-7838
Janet Jansen - Sales Consultant & Speaker    335-0553
Lumigenic Media    335-4849
Marketing Dynamics    408-489-5974
Mountain Media Creatives    345-2084
Pathfinder Consulting    438-1000
Santa Cruz County SCORE    621-3735
Small Business Development Center - Santa Cruz County    479-6136
Stratiquest    336-0441
Sundram Services    338-4238
Sustainable Development & Planning    334-2383
Swell Explorations    824-4381
Vaughan Forestry    335-1452
Xanthus Consulting Intl    338-3175
Graphic Design and Illustration
A.S.D. Productions    335-2435
Alex Colombo, Creative Concepts Design Studio    650-793-7423
Business With Pleasure
One Victor Square, Scotts Valley    430-9711
Cafe Charlotte Graphic Design    336-0667
California Graphic    338-2826
Catalyst Creations West    338-4687
Gryphon Communications & Graphic Art    338-0879
Gunion Design    335-0122
Lisa Bianchi Art Direction Design    338-4236
Loch Dog Business Center    338-2315
Mountain Design Company    227-6829
Mountain Girl Graphics    246-0926
Ninamo Design    415-699-4496
Sheila Baptist Designs    338-6357
Shimmering Wolf Studios    335-8002
Sundance Creative Inc    338-6639
Misc. Services
Certified Funeral Celebrant, Janet Coit    234-4508
Ergovera    335-8448
Four Point Marketing    335-2932
Richmond Consulting    335-3542
Santa Cruz Icon    336-2653
Business With Pleasure
One Victor Square, Scotts Valley    430-9711
Elaine Kennedy - Notary/Income Tax Preparer/Payroll tax professional - CPP    331-8441
Loch Dog Business Center    338-2315
Anor Photography    408-921-2583
Barnes Photographics    336-9823
Given Light Photography    335-2197
Joe Homsy Photography    408-499-1554
Queen Photography    338-8990
Ron MacLennan Photography    338-1946
Soaring Eagle Eyes    334-4040
Sweet Light Studios    415-409-9389
Piano Tuning, Musical Instrument Repair
Piano Doctor    477-7060
Print and Copy
AE Letterpress    704-6035
Business With Pleasure
One Victor Square, Scotts Valley    430-9711
Central Avenue Paper & Print    338-3000
Graphic Apparel    335-9400
Office Connection    335-3486
Product Design and Development
IDE Inc.    438-3888
Inovonics    458-0552
GR Publishing    335-5366
Hyde Publishing Services    336-2350
River Sanctuary Publishing    335-7283
Recruiting and Research
Institute Of Heartmath    338-8500
Web Marketing and Development
line    335-2885
Dn Web Design    335-0302
Surf City Media Group    222-0077
Bell Hallow    336-5926
Boulder Creek Golf    338-2111
Destination Wedding Consulting    338-4965
Rev. Jeanne Bell, M.Div.    335-2086
Terralace Flowers    818-0990
Wedding Architects    408-832-3794
Dr Hills Technologies    338-2544
Polished Prose    336-4232
We Write LLC    336-3382

From the Publishers

Mary Andersen and Julie Horner

The 2024 San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory is in the works. We continue to take pride in preserving this publication and supporting local SLV businesses. Thanks to all the advertisers who are helping to make this upcoming edition happen. We wish all businesses prosperity today, and in all the years to come. If you have any questions about your listing, contact us.


The longevity of the directory makes it valuable and gives the book its recognition. Our sponsor partners this year are the San Lorenzo Valley Post and the San Lorenzo Valley Chamber of Commerce


Please note, we are not to be confused with the newer directory published by Scotts Valley entities. 

San Lorenzo Valley residents recognize the ORIGINAL SLV Business Directory, and value it both online and in print. 

There are over 1000 businesses in the San Lorenzo Valley, many are home-based and tucked in the woods or digital based. Please contact SLVBD if you have a business, and would like to be listed.

Regardless of the economic climate in the San Lorenzo Valley, it’s always the right time to advertise.


Advertisers can now sign up for the 2024 season. Download the price list on our Advertise page, call us. Your business can be on its way to increasing its visibility and revenue in just a few minutes.

Promoting your business is the only way to stay visible. Local people want local services, from names they recognize. Advertising in the San Lorenzo Valley Business Directory builds name recognition for your business. SLVBD is the perfect venue to showcase your business to local residents.

Get noticed in the San Lorenzo Valley and attract local customers. Advertise your business, sign up today! 

Remember, shop locally and support your local businesses.

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